Boarding schools are a different kind of experience for kids used to the public school lifestyle. At boarding school, your child will have to get used to a lot of new ideas, like becoming accustomed to this new home away from home, having a bunkmate, and more.

sports boarding schools

While growing accustomed to boarding school might take some getting used to for your kid, there are several ways they can take the edge off. Like other schools, boarding schools also offer extracurricular activities for their students to enjoy, and many of those students will flock to some type of sport to make new friends, enjoy physical activity, and just for the overall love of the game.

What Can Student Athletes Expect in Boarding School?

If your kid is one who loves hitting the soccer or football field, the basketball court, or swinging for the fences in baseball, most boarding schools will offer some type of sporting activities for kids to enjoy.

What are some things sports boarding schools do to enhance your kid’s experience in their new digs? Here’s the lowdown:

·    Some boarding schools offer athletic scholarships

What better way to get to college than through an athletic scholarship? If your kid works towards this goal, they could have a full ride into college just by excelling at a sport they already love and enjoy.

·    Sports are a great way to make new friends

Some kids may not feel comfortable in boarding school right off the bat, but playing sports is a great way to make new friends who share a mutual love of your child’s favorite game.

·    Many boarding schools require kids to play sports

Some schools will require students to participate in some form of sporting event, whether it’s entirely recreational or as part of the team.

Sports can be a great way to make your kid feel at home in their new boarding school. While the transition can be tough, there is nothing like breaking a sweat and enjoying your favorite game with new friends to take the edge off the stress.