residential tick control gloucester

Old school layman’s application perhaps? Or just a casual turn of phrase in terms of marking out the differences of vast commercial and industrial enterprises? Different strokes for different folks. And it will be no different where residential properties are concerned. Indeed, it really is a case of stating the obvious. But perhaps it is also true that specialist commercial and residential tick control gloucester specialists will also have different measures in mind.

It makes sense. Examine this brief sketch. It begins with the commercial premises. Take the woodworking company’s yard lot, for instance. It goes without saying that there will be stacks of wood there at any given time. Ticks use these for their habitat and for breeding purposes too. Another commercial scenario then. This could be pretty explosive if not kept in check. World-wide, every large city will have its local abattoirs.

No stretch of the imagination is required to explain what goes down there. And this would have been a particular attraction for ticks had it not been for the fact that such areas were not treated on a daily basis. Because this is how quickly diseases will spread. Perhaps you did not know this before, but ticks can spread diseases too. And if they are allowed to infect the slaughtered animal, the disease could very well spread to your dinner plate.

Which is perhaps why city veterinary surgeons and city pounds and animal shelters need to be extra-vigilant with their pest control measures. And to act with this much vigilance, with successful results, needs the professional and active influence of specialist pest control experts. Finally, similar measures of vigilance should apply to the residential property because there is just no telling when a domestic pet could be infected.